New Features in AE 12.1

After Effects 12.1 is loaded with handy features and in this tutorial I demonstrate some of the main features and enhancements. Note: When I compared the Detail-preserving Upscale effect to the standard scaling, I took the snapshot at half resolution by mistake. Here’s a comparison at full resolution.

  1. David Byrne

    Great stuff thanks John, seems like (possibly Mask Tracker aside) these are all really user-focused changes to make our lives easier rather than the big showy kind of extras often associated with an update. Maybe a sign of the new, user-driven new philosophy espoused by Adobe as a reason for subscription model? For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, one of the reasons Adobe gave for the shift to monthly subscription was that it would allow them to focus on steady, incremental changes that would improve the program without having to create a major new plug-in as a selling point to convince people to upgrade (along the lines of RotoBrush, Camera Tracker etc)

    If so, very positive for the future. Whilst those quantum leap type additions are great, its these little time saving extras that have been a long time coming but that will make work much faster and allow us to concentrate on the good stuff!

    Out of interest John, (and understandably based on early testing) would you say the Mask tracker is something like a Mocha Lite, for easier fast tracking, whilst more demanding footage will still benefit from a trip over to Mocha AE? From having only the point tracker of a few years ago, it seems Adobe really have got their act together now with the plethora of options now bundled with the program. Good to see.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi David, the rigid mask tracker doesn’t replace Mocha AE just yet.
      Best, John.

  2. Dave Patterson

    Good demo, John. All these features are very helpful time savers, for sure.

    Nice to see Adobe is making good on their promise to release new features promptly via Creative Cloud. This speaks well of the potential advantage of Creative Cloud that the perpetual license software didn’t offer.

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Dave and I totally agree, it’s a whole new ballgame now!

  3. Lukasz Pason

    These updates are fantastic!!! It’s the little things that just save so much time… =)

  4. Brendan Weston

    Thanks John, so happy about the copy with property links.

    The centre anchor point to layer content is really nice too, but I thought I would give props to a great litlte plugin at batchframe called “Move Anchor Point”
    It gives you a little square with 9 points to move the anchor point to.

    Cheers again :)

    • John Dickinson

      I use Move Anchor Point as well Brendan, it’s still useful even with the new Center Anchor Point controls.

  5. Cameron Gage

    Such small things but things that have been annoying me nonetheless. These changes are fantastic! Thanks John! Also, seems you’re Australian – awesome! haha

  6. bo bo

    When is the update coming to the public?

  7. At BOBO

    Bo Bo. The update is scheduled to launch ‘in October’ according to Todd K’s Adobe Blog. Kind of a big launch window but hopefully closer to the start of October than the end.

  8. Filip

    Great updates except one – the mask tracker.
    As I undersatnd the result of the tracker is a keyframe on every frame in the path property. All the demos of the feature I’ve seen show how useless it really is. Most of them start with a mask that tightly fits the image below, but after a 100 frames tracking it’s slightly of. Now this isn’t a problem with traditional methods with a mask on atracked solid, you can just animate the mask throughout the entire track, but you can’t do that here – the mask is already animated. You’d have to gradually fix the mask on every frame – that is just impossible.
    Where is a separate transform property for every mask – this would fix this issue.

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