Dynamic type tools for Cinema 4D

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Introducing MovieType – a collection of Cinema 4D presets and tools for creating dynamic, movie trailer-style graphics fast.



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Get Creative
MovieType includes over 250 presets which used individually or combined, enable you to capture the essence of blockbuster movie type looks.
Get Productive
MovieType puts the key tools for creating impactful animation at your fingertips, allowing you to work faster and spend more time designing and doing the fun stuff.
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Hot Looks

The Type, Camera, Light, Material and Scene element presets can be combined in countless ways for both popular and truly unique looks.

Tonnes of Training

MovieType includes 22 video tutorials covering all the basics plus many general Cinema 4D techniques.

Just Type? No Way!

The MovieType toolset can be used to enhance any Cinema 4D scene. Try it with logos, models, anything.

Why MovieType?

As designers who specialize in movie promos, we built MovieType to allow us to work faster and produce consistently great looking work every time. MovieType gives us, and now you, a creative head start and fast tracks many repetitive tasks which steal valuable design time. Spending less time in 3D gives you more time to focus on compositing in applications such as Adobe After Effects, to finish the look.

MovieType isn't a plug-in, it's a set of tools which bring together the most useful features of Cinema 4D including Dynamics and MoGraph for creating cool, cinematic text looks. If you want to further customise your looks you still have complete access all of the Cinema 4D tools.

What's Included?

  • 0ver 250 type presets, camera rig presets, light rig presets, material presets, Background presets, Seamless floor presets, Reflective sky presets, plus 12 complete scenes. The tools include 6 type tools, 4 camera rigs, 2 light rigs, a material tool, a seamless floor tool, reflective sky tool and background tool.
  • 22 video tutorials hosted by master trainer John Dickinson.


  • Cinema 4D R11.5, R12, R13 or R14 with MoGraph module. The Advanced Render Module is required to render Ambient Occlusion.
  • Flash Player 10 or above is required to watch the training.
  • Runs on Mac or PC operating system.

Lesson Outline

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Sep 30, 2012 by Andy Brown

This has been a huge time saver for me. The quality of MovieType is top notch and I have enjoyed playing around with the different presets and making up my own animations. Great job!

Enormous Help

Jun 02, 2012 by J Day

I've really enjoyed playing around with MovieType so far! I work in broadcast and I can already tell this tool is going to help enormously in producing quality graphics under tight deadlines. Job well done!


May 09, 2012 by Sean Mullen

I Just bought MovieType a few days ago and already find myself using it on every project. MovieType is a must have for anyone using Cinema4D. Truly a remarkable product. I can't say enough great things about it, I Loves Me Some MovieType!

Truly Spectacular

Feb 23, 2012 by Asher

Motionworks has made a truly spectacular product here. Easy to manipulate and customizable presets, this should be a part of your kit for sure.


Feb 21, 2012 by J Campanale

This is a truly amazing product and huge timesaver. Can't wait for more in the future!!!!!


Feb 07, 2012 by steve

An excellent set of tools that are easy to use but totally customizable to any needs.
Great Stuff John...Thanks

Excellent Tool

Jan 29, 2012 by Jason Geldmacher

Time saving, customizable, easy to use and above all well put together plugin right from the get go.

Great stuff!!!

Worth Every Penny!!!!

Dec 07, 2011 by Edgar

Using MovieType on some music videos. Love how much time i\'m saving animating logos also it\'s easy to customize.

Thanks John
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

Easiest Recommendation Ever

Nov 28, 2011 by Frank

Very much agree with all the good things said in the other reviews. MovieType recombines C4D's own tools and presents them to the designer in a most efficient, workflow-friendly way that takes the drudgery out and puts the creativity and fun up front. The way the tools and presets are constructed along with the video instruction make this is a tremendous learning tool as well, and worth the price for that alone. Great job.


Oct 30, 2011 by James

What a great product, when watching the huge video tutorial database I thought it surely couldn\'t be that easy... Yes it was that easy, and with so many options and ways to customize and make it your own I have to say this product is not only great for quick projects, but also the big projects that need more of that individual look. Highly recommend this plugin

Motionworks , Australia 5.0 5.0 22 22 This has been a huge time saver for me. The quality of MovieType is top notch and I have enjoyed playing around with the different presets and making up my own animations. Great jo