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Armored is based on graphics from the trailer. The font is TransRobitica, extruded and textured in Cinema 4D using a brushed metal texture. Genarts Sapphire was used for the flare. The background is a stock texture displaced in Cinema 4D.

Sherlock Holmes is based on a look created by Prologue and the Cinema 4D tutorial by Alexander at Alexander recreated the rotating 3D letters look very effectively in Cinema 4D, and it was perfect as a starting point for this promo. I added a background photo from a terrific series of shots taken by Harry Frank on Alcatraz Island, and added some dust footage to give it more depth. Having the text appear from darkness gives the look more impact.

For Law Abiding Citizen I took the opportunity to get down and dirty with textures in Cinema 4D. The textures were sourced from  StockXchang and mapped to the text using Cinema 4D Layer Shaders. Layer Shaders are a great way to combine multiple textures using blend modes, allowing for unique textural looks. The font is  XXII DONT MESS WITH THE VIKINGS Hardcore, a cool-looking  Machine/Compacta hybrid.  Motion Blur was added in After Effects using  Sapphire BlurMotion. The smoke and sparks were sourced from  Video Copilot’s Action Essentials 2.  FXFactory Heat was used for  the heat haze and Magic Bullet  Mojo for the overall colour grade.

This text for The Wolfman is a combination of After Effects type using the Position and Blur text animation properties. The font is Bell MT.  The displacement  is a combination of Sapphire DistortBlur, FX Factory Heat and Bloom with Threshold. The timelapse cloud footage was sourced from

The supers for Dorian Gray feature Sapphire BlurMotion, creating a haunted yet elegant effect, perfect for the theme. The font is Mason.

For Ninja Assassins I stuck closely to the existing trailer graphics. The type and shuriken (stars) were animated using Zaxwerks ProAnimator. The strokes were created using Trapcode Particular 2 (use motionworks10 for a 10% discount on Particular 2). The font is Crillee.

This original look for Tooth Fairy was built entirely in After Effects.  Since working with Cinema 4D I’ve found my 3D skill in After Effects have benefited, especially when it comes to scene construction and lighting. The font is Compacta BT.

For Princess and the Frog we were provided loads of colourful key art. To portray the magical theme I used the After Effects Puppet Pin tool to animate the bad guy’s fingers, having him appear to sprinkle magic dust, created using After Effects Particle World, onto the frog. Sapphire RackDefocus was perfect for creating the rack focus effect between the foreground and background.

These simple graphics for Love Happens were taken to the next level using Sapphire. The background (key art image of flowers) and the font (amateurmedia’s Typograph Pro) use  Sapphire RackDfComp. The text layer has a duplicate with the effect removed and placed about the blurred layer. The desaturation of the background was created using Sapphire HueSatBright.

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