Welcome to Motionworks Experiments

Check out the various experiments below and submit your experiment anytime you like. There are no deadlines, no competition and only a few simple rules detailed within each experiment. Upload your results into the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to the comments to get some feedback and see what everyone else is up to.

Develop your Mograph muscles

If you’ve been following Motionworks for a while you’ll know I’m a big believer in experimentation. Experimenting in After Effects and Cinema 4D helps us develop a deeper understanding of the tools, giving us more creative options and prevents the staleness which comes from relying on only what we know. Plus it’s fun and often results in some truly unique looks.

So rather than spending 30 minutes watching what someone else can create, join me and let’s invest that time in ourselves. There’s no right or wrong result, the idea here is to explore new areas and develop your mograph muscles.