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For this experiment we’re going to jump out of MoGraph and into the Deformer category, starting with the Displacer deformer.  I was introduced to this deformer last week via this tutorial on Greyscale Gorilla by Jon Corriveau, where Jon uses the Displacer deformer to modify a spline. Some strengths of this deformer include the use of textures (Shading) to control the style of displacement, plus Falloff for control over the placement and animation of the deformation.

Originally I was going to create something with splines but ended up roughing out a model of an apple core and using a Subdivision Surface (HyperNurbs) along with the Displacer to add the detail and an FFD deformer to make the shape less uniform. It’s no way near perfect and definitely needs work, but it was fun to build and the displacer made it easier.  Here’s my experiment

So for Assignment 3, take at least 30 minutes and see what you can create using the Displacer deformer. When you’re done, save a JPG (under 200K) and post it in the comments. Remember to include a screenshot of your object hierarchy with the image, it’s helping everyone learn from these experiments.

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