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We’re going to kick start the Cinema 4D assignments by exploring the MoGraph menu, beginning with the MoGraph Extrude Deformer. On first inspection the Extrude Deformer appears similar to Matrix Extrude but it has more features. Extrude Deformers can be modified using MoGraph Effectors, they can extrude the polygons of parametric primitives and extrude along a spline!

So for Assignment 1, in 30 minutes see what you can create with the Extrude Deformer. Keep the scene simple and focus on the Extrude Deformer. I used a cube converted to polygons inside a HyperNurbs object, a Helix Spline and the Plain and Step Effectors.  Here’s my experiment.

When you’re done, save a JPG (under 300K) and post it in the comments. If you can include a screen shot of the object hierarchy that will help everyone learn more!

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