C4D Experiment 3

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Displacer deformer

For this Experiment 3 we’re going to jump out of MoGraph and into the Deformer category, starting with the Displacer deformer. I was introduced to this deformer last week via this tutorial on Greyscale Gorilla by Jon Corriveau, where Jon uses the Displacer deformer to modify a spline. Some strengths of this deformer include the use of textures (Shading) to control the style of displacement, plus Falloff for control over the placement and animation of the deformation.

Originally I was going to create something with splines but ended up roughing out a model of an apple core and using a Subdivision Surface (HyperNurbs) along with the Displacer to add the detail and an FFD deformer to make the shape less uniform. It’s no way near perfect and definitely needs work, but it was fun to build and the displacer made it easier.

So for Assignment 3, take at least 30 minutes and see what you can create using the Displacer deformer. When you’re done, save a JPG and post it in the comments. Remember to include a screenshot of your object hierarchy with the image, it’s helping everyone learn from these experiments.

  1. Jim Hines

    Hey John, I made this in Blender. I don’t have Cinema 4D – not in the budget for now. Nothing on my plate today and I was inspired by your apple. Plus I miss partaking in your experiments. Anyway, sorry for breaking the rules. I wanted to emulate yours but didn’t want to start with a sphere – so I extruded a single vertices into a shape, selected a vertex group and applied the displace modifier to it with a wood texture and tweedled the brightness, contrast and direction – got this kind of chromium candle thing.

    • John Dickinson

      Good on you for trying something Jim. Can’t wait to see what you can do with Cinema 4D :)

      • Jim Hines

        : ) Glad you’re not mad I crashed the party.

  2. SockGardener

    Hi John
    Not much to this one. Some layered noise with a spherical falloff to make the ‘hills’.
    The rest is just fluff :)

    • Lukasz Pason

      I really love this. Its simple but has loads of fun in it. What do you mean by layered noise? You can stack them? Also, what’s that black and white material doing on there? Is that being used for feathering the edges or something?

    • Rovino

      love the clouds in this.. very droll.. though I dont think Ive ever used that word in a post… I did very much enjoy this..

    • Manny Gonzalez

      Wow this is simply superb! I wonder how to get the height field to do that … is it as simply as getting the right Alpha map? I tried but failed :)

        • Manny Gonzalez

          Very kind of you, helps a lot with learning :) Although I am still quite lost hahaha… lots of knobs to tweak. But I can at least follow along turning things on and off to see how they affect the final result and perhaps I can tell how to do it.

          Thank you again! You have great stuff in your Tumblr gallery..

  3. Ryan Boyle

    Monster Vines! Playing with the Hama noise texture in the Displacer with a Cube falloff. The Displacer is definitely a fun tool to play with.

  4. Lukasz Pason

    Kinda late for getting creative but I just wanted to see what would happen if I added it to an emitter. You can totally use this for things like the baseball tutorial Nick Campbell has on GSG. =)

  5. Rovino

    a quick jaunt and nothing too exciting but I will play with this deformer more now..
    my red tornado

  6. CDoe

    Anyone want some ice cream?
    Displacer deformer worked great for the waffle-cone ridges and ice-cream “wrinkles”.
    This is an excellent solution for quick modeling/texturing, is a lot quicker than sub-polygon displacement, and adds geometry deformations right there in the viewport!

  7. Caspian Kai

    Great tool for introducing chaos quickly.
    Some formula spline sweep nurbs with shaping/taper and the displacer deformer applied to the splines themselves rather than geometry. Might have to use this technique in an animation too, controlling it using soundeffector and/or Noise turbulence animation would be nice.

  8. Manny Gonzalez

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong but the displacer isn’t doing much for me at all. :(

    There is absolutely no effect on whatever object I place it under. Do I have to do something special?

    • Lukasz Pason

      Hey Manny,
      You need to a shader under the Shader tab of the displacer. You have the options to add custom maps, noise shaders, really anything you want in there. That is how you will get the displacer to work. Remember that Hierarchies are important too. Good luck!

      • John Dickinson

        Thanks for helping Manny out Lukasz. Manny let us know if you need more help!

  9. Lukasz Pason

    You’re welcome!! If you need any more help just hit me up on twitter, I’ll respond fast. @djlukasz

  10. Manny Gonzalez

    Thanks Lukasz, your tip is exactly the direction I needed. So I produced something not as wildly exciting as some above, but nonetheless I got it to work :)

    This was a plane with displacer thrown inside a hypernurbs for smoothing

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