Based in Sydney Australia, John Dickinson is a cutting-edge motion graphics artist who is in demand. As Senior Broadcast Designer at Foxtel (foxtel.tv), ambassador and presenter for Adobe Australia, John delivers highly creative yet commercially relevant motion graphics solutions. With Motionworks, John combines 15 years of industry experience with a proven teaching ability to provide high quality learning resources that encourage and challenge participants to break through to new levels of excellence and impact in their work.


I can’t see the bottom of movies and images on this site

If your computer monitor isn’t large enough or screen resolution isn’t high enough you may not be able to access the movie and shadowbox close button for high resolution movies and images displayed on this site. If so simply right click on the link to the movie or image and choose “Open Link in New Window”, this will open a new browser window containing the movie or image. To close the shadowbox simply press the Escape key on your keyboard.

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