Optimism Without Actions

There’s optimism that builds your career and business, and optimism that breaks it. Do you know the difference? Don’t miss this challenging episode as John and Robin discuss how to transform an optimistic attitude into breakthroughs and success.

  1. Abdul rahman, Egypt

    Absolutely good point to discuss here, specially for the new designers considering this path! and i want to add, being enthusiastic sure would help to boost your breakthrough too, and maintain your success.

    Inspiring, thank you guys.

  2. Murat

    Hi John,

    I ´m really fascinated of your coolness and wisdom.
    The way you present things and specially your interviews
    about the business itself is really positive.

    Its not that kind of jokey presentation such as andrew kramer,
    but its great that its you.

    Since I started with AE in 2010 (really latestarter) I learned
    only from you guys solving problems.

    I think the difference is the business you ´re in.

    • Magembe

      I agree with you in all you have said except that I think we should refrain from mentioning “other people’s” names. Some of us like their non-boring jokes. Otherwise, you have a point in what you have said.

  3. Magembe

    I agree with both of you that optimism must be blended with “good behaviour” and hard work without which optimism itself becomes useless. I always learn nice things from you guys. Always.

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