Persisting in Tough Times

The difference between you failing disastrously and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams often comes down to your ability to persist through the tough times. Don’t miss this key episode as John and Robin discuss the importance of persistence to achieving your key goals.

  1. cheekylilbasterd

    Wow, Wow

    John I dont know if you how invaluable BOD is to us
    Small request if someday it can be make downloadable (even for a small fee) so we can have it on our mp3’s.

    from 1.08 to 2.04 you talked about pressure testing and knowing your direction, these are things that I personally think about a lot and thanks for talking on them. Another Point Rob made was with taking it slow and not getting ahead of yourself. I use to have a big issue on that one. I got over that by accepting that it takes time to master anything .

    One question though when Rob asked whether you persist out of fear of failure , you said it’s rather positive references, cos everytime you did something that YOU felt was good or SOMEONE gave a good comment it helped.

    How do you deal with negative outside feedback when you are starting and how important is Self Feedback

    • John Dickinson

      Glad you are finding BOD useful, it’s available via itunes as a podcast right now. I was discussing the idea that when starting out, having small wins gave me the confidence to push ahead. Negative feedback and positive feedback can both be helpful, it all depends what you do with the feedback. Only you know if what you are doing is right for you, if you have a passion then no amount of negative feedback should sway you from your course. Best wishes, John.

  2. Felipe Valladares

    Good episode, good for the beginners and nostalgic for the ones in the road, I mean, It’s like everything, you start and can’t expect found the open doors, you have to go and open it for yourself.

    It’s also about to know your goal, what people you want to reach, what clients you want to have, what portfolio you want to show in future, what way you want to walk in this business.

    Negative comments/feedback?: What do you think about yourself? you really like this and feel that you have talent? THEN WORK HARD and be intelligent, everything is not work, it’s about economy, decisions and actions, nothing is easy, I recommend read Robert Kiyosaki y Donald Trump’s book: “Why we want you to be rich” Remember that any business take at least 5 years to be solid and valuable.

    • cheekylilbasterd

      really liked you comments , infact my thoughts exactly, it’s like you read my mind. Have read Robert’s rich dad poor dad but not the one you suggested. I hope it talk’s on point you made like Economy , decision and actions because I’m gonna buy it.
      in not please expand on that point for me please.

      John I think we gonna need a forum , LOL , it’s good to be here

      • Felipe Valladares

        Yeah, in my case, I didn’t read Robert’s rich dad poor dad yet, I believe both are way different books, “Why we want you to be rich” talk about how you have to move to get the goal in real life and not just imagination, they share many good personal tips, and yeah the put a lot of emphasis in economy and law, you can’t be blind about where you are and how economy and law affects the place you move, that book really open my eyes a little bit more and was a strong support to me because it confirms that I was not that wrong on my way. I’m still growing up my business now, working day anytime I can, but enjoying the process, actually I sign a really good contract yesterday and now it’s normal, I’m not over-exciting cause money is consequence of work, and the final end is not get money, but do something that stay.

  3. Aidan

    Always helpful. Just what I needed to hear.

    Been through tough times lately myself with work drying up at the small business I was at.
    I have had to find other means of work, taken a step back from the industry just to support myself.

    But I am 24 and been using after fx for only 2 years, so I was fortunate to land a job doing what I love when I did, even if it was for a short while, it gave me a taste of the world. I’m just going to get myself financially secure this time before I have another go.

    Thanks guys.

    Also its good to see family working together.


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