Peak Performance

How are you feeling right now? Full of explosive energy, ready to deliver your A-plus game, or sick and tired of feeling burned out, worn out or just plain unhealthy. Don’t miss this vital episode that will motivate you to get fit for your best performance yet.

  1. Josh

    We try to promote this type of thinking at our company as well.

    Exercise allows you to clear your head and focus only on that for a little while. When you get back to your desk, you feel fresh and invigorated and the afternoon becomes a lot easier.

    Great advice.

  2. Sally

    Great discussion guys! I’m a fan of wellness programs: easier to access when systematised/integrated into a corporate environment. For the solo/small business person, the opportunity to enter into wellness programs is very different so the idea of just ‘mixing it up’ and ‘just do something’ is straightforward and spot on. (Applicable to everyone really.) The cost to get fit/be healthy is minimal compared to the cost of not being healthy.

  3. Oliver

    50?! No way!

    • Robin Dickinson

      Thank you, Oliver! I certainly don’t feel it. :)

      Best, Robin

  4. Chad

    Absolutely right. I stopped working out for a while and just got back into it. You guys are right, feeling better physically really does help the creative flow. Thanks for another great discussion!

  5. mohamed

    thanks guys ,its very helpful advice …..we need more …..

  6. 3Dementia

    wow, Rob, you are 50! Man, you look about 30. You even look younger than your brother! Must be the tan.

    I have to agree with you guys about the working out. I do martial arts myself. (NOT SPAMMING)

    I did all the illustrative and website work…that was fun. But yes, I am more creative after training a few hours. Something about the blood and oxygen circulating to the brain more fluidly. Its also the confidence after doing your body justice by not sitting all the time. Challenging yourself as a designer allows you to be adaptive to a changing environment. Like training the brain, the body should be coherent and be used as a tool as well. Only then you may have a connection of full control in every essence of your body and mind.

    I dont know, call me a nerd, but I try to scientifically challenge everything. People that are successful normally are talented in more than one spectrum.

    Thanks guys.


    • John Dickinson

      I definitely work best when I’ve been doing regular exercise, as long as I remember to drink enough water afterwards!

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