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The next version of After Effects has been announced, with some terrific new features and enhancements. In this short tutorial I focus on Key Cleaner & Advanced Spill Suppressor, Curves enhancements and the exciting and welcome new compositing options for effects.

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Inspired by the movie “Frozen”, in this tutorial I demonstrate how I combined Artbeats footage with only the default Adobe After Effects tools, to create a realistic frosty window effect.

Download Project File (CS6)

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This After Effects Experiment is all about fire. There are plenty of ways to create realistic fire in After Effects. For my experiment I used the Ellipse effect to create the rings along with Turbulent Noise, Curves and Displacement Map to create the fire. Take a look at my project then give it a go yourself by either making mine look better or starting from scratch to create your own recipe.

Here’s my project file. Take at least 30 minutes and see what you can come up with, then post a JPG or movie link in the comments.

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The Pixel Lab has introduced a new Cinema 4D Materials pack with over 500 great looking textures, including a big selection of metal and 40 grungy alpha overlays for 50 bucks!

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Superb opening title sequence for HBO’s True Detective by Antibody.

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Junk Head 1 is an epic, dark and funny, stop motion short film by Takahide Hori.

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After Effects Product Manager Steve Forde has put forward this tantalising question to all After Effects users:

What if we did NOTHING else in After Effects during 2014 other than make it faster? I mean MUCH faster. I mean much faster without a specific hardware requirement (new CPU, GPU, disk, machine, etc., etc.)? 

The overall response so far, including my own, is an overwhelming “Hell Yes”. What about you? Could you manage with no new features for a while if After Effects was made much faster? Be sure to have your say.

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The onset of Creative Cloud has brought with it more open discussion by the After Effects team with users about potential new features, and this has never been more evident than in the recently posted list of top After Effects feature requests. Rather than wondering what might be in the next release of After Effects, we now have the opportunity to directly influence those things that are on Adobe’s radar for inclusion in After Effects Future.

I’ve been requesting a Colour Swatch panel forever so it’s great to see that on the list. I’ve already given detailed information on how I see that working in After Effects, and I recommend using the links provided in the post to give specific feedback about how you see that and other potential features working best for you. The more vocal you are, the more likely we’ll see these features included in our favourite motion graphics and vfx software.

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