Flipping Objects

In this short tutorial, learn some of the different methods for flipping an object in After Effects. Note: other possible methods include making the layer 3D and flipping it using Orientation or precomposing the flipped layer.

  1. Troy Pickford

    Hi John,

    Useful and well presented tips as always. I didn’t know about the trick with AI files either.

    Have you provided any tips for rendering before? I only found out about the ‘caps lock’ tip recently and it has almost cut my render times in half.

    Keep up the good work.


    • John Dickinson

      Nice one Troy. You can do the same thing as using Caps Lock by closing the Comp panel for the rendering comp or even better docking the Render Queue into the same panel as the rendering comp and bringing it forward to it’s the active panel.

      Best, John.

  2. Matthew Butler

    What about just going into the timeline… Clicking the unlink button… Put a negative in front of the first number… Then relink it. That is what I always do in this situation and if I need to scale it i would just click and drag on the scale number in the timeline

    • John Dickinson

      That works too Matthew thanks for your input. I tend to prefer to click and drag on objects in the comp rather than twirl them down in the timeline. Another way would be to make the layer 3D and flip it by adjusting Orientation and yet another would be to move the flipped object into a pre comp!
      Best, John.

  3. Andrea

    I was going to write the sane thing Mattew wrote.. I always use the timeline values to scale, move, rotate object.
    I never click and drag cos if you have many layers in the comp, and you click and drag, you can accidentally touch some other layer.

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