Ae Experiment 8

Suggested for this Experiment
  • Trapcode Mir

An abundance of  third party plug-ins is one of the things that makes After Effects so flexible and Trapcode make some of the most popular effects on the market today. Trapcode Mir is the most recent addition to the Trapcode Suite and an effect I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while. So Experiment 8 has given me and now you a chance to do just that.

Mir is powerful, fun to use and fast as hell, making it really easy to experiment with. I couldn’t stop at just one.


Mir has different Draw modes including Fill, Wireframe and Points, and I found myself wanting to combine these but couldn’t find any built-in blend modes, so ended up duplicating layers and using After Effects blend modes instead.


What can you make? Use Trapcode Mir applied to a single Solid Layer and don’t use the Brainstorm Tool! For this assignment it’s okay to duplicate the Mir layers and combine variations using blend modes. Take at least 30 minutes to explore the effect and post a JPG (under 200K) in the comments.

  1. Ronn Trevino

    ! layer 1 plugin, so many options.. its hard to stop

  2. 1138

    Did a little color corection with Looks to make it more interesting… Two layers with Mir and two lights.

  3. Simon

    Infinite possibilities with Mir even with just 1 layer.

  4. Ronn Trevino

    very nice simon..
    I can never get smooth geometry like that. Digging it.

  5. Irina Zen

    huh, dangerous! it’s so easy to get lost in trapcode worlds. mir is one more amazing plug-in by norrby, great assignment, john!

  6. torus

    This is my entry, a smoke like effect :)

  7. Caspian Kai

    Here’s my attempt.. One ‘fluid’ look, with one twisted fractal look over the top on Color Burn.. a very ‘graphic’ look I thought, almost looks like it is wrapping over the fluid jellyfish-like form. Looks a bit like an animal or alien head almost as well :P

    A great plugin and I’m glad this experiment made me finally have a play around with it!! Thanks John

    • John Dickinson

      That’s an interesting look Caspian. I like the combination of organic and geometric shapes you’ve used.

  8. Jim Hines

    Hey – 40% off – that was a deal I could not refuse. Bought the whole Peder Norrby Trapcode Suite. Just now getting a chance to play with it while watching football. I’ve opened MIR first to do this experiment so here is my first 30 minutes with the vaunted Red Giant plug ins. (I’ll get better – I hope.)
    Magic Bean Stalk – 2 variations – darken mode.

  9. Tim

    Thanks for providing these project spots John. Great creative stimulus.

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