Ae Experiment 4

Suggested for this Experiment
  • Fractal
  • CC Light Burst
  • CC Flo Motion

Terrific results in After Effects Experiment 3 and wonderful to hear you’re enjoying these assignments and pushing your skills into new areas! It’s blowing my mind just how creative everyone can be. If you haven’t completed the previous assignments it’s never too late to join in and have a go.

For Experiment 4 we’re still exploring After Effects’ Generate category, this time focussing on Fractal and CC Light Burst but adding CC Flo Motion from the Distort category. Fractal is one of those effects that gathers dust at the bottom of the effects draw because no one really knows what to do with it! So dust it off, mix in some Light Burst and Flo Motion and see what comes out!

What can you make? Use only those three effects applied to a Solid Layer and don’t use the Brainstorm Tool! Take 30 minutes to explore the effects and post a JPG in the comments. Don’t let Fractal defeat you!

  1. Brit DeLillo

    I didn’t take the full half hour. Sometimes it’s better to just walk away when it feels right. I quickly ended up with this somewhat apocalyptic look. Giant space objects crashing into each other abstractly!

    Thanks for the cool assignment!

    • John Dickinson

      I like the simplicity Brit. Spending at least 30 minutes gives you time to explore the parameters more fully, you never know what you may find :)

  2. Jim W

    Thought I’d give this a shot as a distraction on a Friday afternoon.

  3. Joel

    Frustrating a first but I enjoyed the challenge.

      • Joel

        Thanks I some how added it to the wrong assignment area.

  4. Danilo

    This is my try

  5. Daniel

    1st attempt

  6. Daniel

    really liked this one =)

  7. shashi

    This is my first experiment.

  8. Tim

    I still don’t know what to do with Fractal- weird…… :-)

  9. therobertsmith

    I like the soap bubble/film look this gets

  10. Sierra

    Fun times!

  11. Jorge

    Just another try

    • John Dickinson

      I like it Jorge, it looks like a luminescent jelly fish!

  12. Lee

    Fun experiment!

  13. Joe B

    I didn’t think I would end up with something like this, but I guess finding out that the boundaries can be pushed are the point of these exercises. My only regret is that I had to save at less than 50% quality to keep it under 200k.

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