Ae Experiment 13

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Ellipse
  • Turbulent Noise
  • Curves

After Effects Experiment 13 is all about fire. There are plenty of ways to create realistic fire in After Effects. For my experiment I used the Ellipse effect to create the rings along with Turbulent Noise, Curves and Displacement Map to create the fire. Take a look at my project then give it a go yourself by either making mine look better or starting from scratch to create your own recipe. Take at least 30 minutes and see what you can come up with, then post a or movie link in the comments.

    • Joe Nicklo

      This is freaking nice. It looks like you have it on some sort of rocky ground. How did you pull that off?

  1. Chris Doe

    CC Particle World > CC Vector Blur > Echo > CC Force Motion Blur > Curves

    Thanks again for hosting these experiments. It’s nice to take a little break from ‘the grind’ and have a chance to PLAY with the tools we WORK with all day!

    P.S. I wanted to try putting together a looping gif. It turned out to be just over 3MB, but I didn’t realize you had a 200kb cap on your file uploads.

  2. Joe Nicklo

    This looks like it will be a really fun experiment. Any chance new experiments will be posted soon?

  3. Joe Nicklo

    Added some sparks from Action Essentials and a background texture.

  4. Tim

    Pretty much followed your recipe John – thanks. (Will try posting the video link later).

  5. shashi

    hi John

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Shashi, with you next experiment try saving using Save For Web in Photoshop, you may get a better looking image.

  6. Michael

    Apparently the Eye of Sauron is making a comeback… again. Added a few particles and a blur to give some little detail.

    • Michael

      Here is the other more of an eye take.

  7. Liam

    Inferno [Frame 9/11]

  8. Ryan Blackwell

    Here’s mine for today. Now I need to go be *actually* productive! :)

  9. Joe B

    Really enjoyed how this came out

    • Serjan

      Wow… Spellbinding! Looks like space between two massively large planets.

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